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Our turbine range is based on the crossflow principal developed by Banki and Michell nearly 100 years ago. The great advantage of the crossflow is its ability to operate at high efficiencies over a wide range of flow patterns, typically down to 20% of design flow. This is particularly important on low head sites with a highly variable flow regime enabling the turbine to continue generating for most of the year.

These three key elements govern all aspects of our products and all our efforts strive to achieve them.

Available - Short lead times Typically 4 - 6 months

Affordable - Competitively priced including a wealth of innovative features

Reliable - Reliability is ?built in? to the design, materials and manufacture.


Key Technical features

Fully welded mild steel case assembled from laser cut panels for supreme accuracy.
Internally stiffened to add strength and minimise resonance effects.
Stainless steel runner on a solid stainless steel shaft.
Sturdy seal and bearing assembly block.
Side access panel enabling rotor and guide vane removal with turbine in-situ.
PTFE stuffing cord main shaft seals for prolonged life and low drag.
Double O ring seals on guide vane shafts incl. lubrication point.
Branded, self aligning double spherical roller bearings with taper fit sleeve to shaft.
Central lubrication point (larger models only).
Fabricated (Cast iron on C2) guide vanes.
Stainless steel fastenings throughout.
Multiple coat, two pack paint finish.
Choice of mounting options and accessories.
Automatic air valve standard on most models.

Steel case Steel shaft



Product Range

Since January 2012 all models conform to our new product designation as follows:-

The C3 with a 300mm dia. Rotor
The C4 with a 400mm dia. Rotor

As our turbines have evolved and power levels have increased we now build the turbine to match the projected power output. This is essential to keep the cost of lower power machines at affordable levels. A suffix to the product designation indicates which power band the turbine is designed to. All turbines will continue to be built with a large safety margin. All models come in different rotor lengths to suit a range of head and flows.

The standard rotor lengths are

100mm to 1000mm C3
100mm to in 1200mm C4
Typically In 100mm steps.
Bespoke rotor lengths are available.
Models above 300m runner length
are available in 1/3 - 2/3 split nozzles

We can size your turbine given the net head and max flow.

However, more detailed considerations i.e. the actual model type, whether split or one piece nozzle, generator mountings, draft tube and transition piece design can only be achieved with considerably more data. Your hydro engineer or consultant can advise on this.

Turbine control panel

NOTE:  In line with our on-going research & development program we reserve the right to change or amend our turbine specifications without notice.

Typically 16-20 weeks.
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