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Case Studies
West Sussex
Bluestream CF40/1270/T
680l/sec 3m head 14kW
Ecowave 3 phase control panel

Bespoke intake angle to suit direct connection to the inlet tank.
A stainless steel inlet duct was built and concreted in place and to ensure it was correctly aligned a dummy turbine was supplied.
  Bluestream turbine Plan view


Bluestream CF40/600S
500 L/s 6.5m head 20Kw
G59 Ecowave controller with remote access and energy management system controlling 2 10Kw heat pumps. Purpose built 35 degree inlet to fit existing penstock. Restricted access meant the turbine had to be loaded sideways through the doorway of the (listed) turbine house!!

Installer: Western Renewable Energy

South Devon
Bluestream CF30/375
180 L/s 4.4m head
G83 SCS Controller

Pre commissioning photo

Western Renewable Energy
  South Devon project

Bluestream CF40/1150TV 500L/s 1.77m head
SCS Controller G83 grid connected

(Turbine capable of 1.2 cumecs on 10m head)
Former mill site.

Installer: Renewables First
  Exeter project

Bluestream CF20/230SV
SCS Controller G83 grid connected
Former mill site

Installer: Western Renewable Energy

    Former mill site project, Devon

Bluestream CF830/239S
140 L/s 8m head 7Kw
G59 Ecowave Controller integrated into existing site monitoring and control system.
Remote monitoring through 3G network.

Treatment works of major water utility company on drinking water supply.

Installer: Potential Energy Systems
    Dorset project
County Kerry
Bluestream CF20/200S SCS G83 controller
100 L/s 8m head 5Kw
Linear Mech Actuator

Installer: Wind Water Solar
  Bluestream at County Kerry
Southern Ireland
Bluestream CF20/230
80 L/s 7m head
G83 SCS Controller

Installer: Wind Water Solar
  Bluestream at Southern Ireland
Bluestream CF20/300SF turbine: 100 L/sec 4.7m head
SCS Stand-alone controller

Off grid system in remote location providing base load power for dwelling and battery charging.

Installer: Scoraig Wind
Scotland case study
Bluestream CF30/120SN
SCS G59 grid connected
Pre commissioning photo

Installer: Highland Eco Design
  Aberdeenshire case study
Bluestream CF40/900T 600 L/s 4.2m head
G59 Ecowave controller with automatic sluice gate control and remote monitoring.

Customer spec colour scheme.

Installer: Owner
Scotland project with custom colour scheme Control panel housing
Southern Scotland
Bluestream CF30/330
Twin vane

Installer: EMC Engineering
  Twin vane

North Somerset

Bluestream C3/105S
48 L/s 11.5m head 4Kw
Ecowave Controller integrated into existing site control system.

Turbine installed on a large
reservoir utilising only the reserved flow.

Client : Major water utility company.

Installer: Potential Energy Systems
  North Somerset Turbine Installation North Somerset case study
South Somerset
Bluestream CF30/1000TV SCS G83 grid connected
400 L/s 2.85m head 6.5Kw
Domestic installation at mill site

Owner Installed
    South Somerset case study
South Wales
Bluestream CF30/450S SCS G83 grid connected
250 L/s 5.6m head 8Kw
SCS G83 grid connected

Domestic installation at mill site
Offset draft tube
Original Francis turbine in situ in background.
Consultant Hydrover Installer :Owner
  South Wales case study
West Sussex    
Bluestream CF20/400SV 110L/s 3.45m head
SCS grid connected single phase controller.
Domestic installation on former mill site.

Installer: Renewables First
West Sussex case study

Bluestream CF30/660TV 380 L/s 6.1m head 16KW
Ecowave G59 controller - grid connected
with remote access.

Hydraulic actuators pre commissioning photo.

Installer: Potential Energy Systems
  Wiltshire case study
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