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About Ecowave Systems
Within the many thousands of potential hydro sites in the UK lies a largely untapped source of renewable energy.

Until recently many of these sites were dismissed as unviable as the cost of development was high and not matched by the revenue income they could generate.

Ending of the Feed in Tariff has been a setback but many sites are still vaible
Further, Our research showed that larger hydro sites are quickly targeted by developers and investors. However for every large site there are dozens of smaller ones with owners keen to install their own micro hydro system.

Developing these sites properly usually requires a considerable level of investment and our experience proved that although some savings could be made in most areas, it was particularly difficult to reduce the cost of the mechanical and electrical equipment, particularly the turbine.
The choice of small sub 50kW turbines is extremely limited with the principal suppliers based in mainland Europe or the Far East.

We believe we have developed and sourced a range of products which fill this gap enabling this green, renewable technology to be rolled out to sites previously deemed unviable.

Please note we are equipment designers and manufacturers. We do not install hydropower schemes or provide a hydropower consultancy service.

If you are new to hydropower check out our resources page. If you are installing your own scheme we always recommend taking advice from a professional hydropower consultant.

Ecowave Turbines operates in partnership with several hydropower engineers and installers. Please contact us for further details.
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